The 2005 Southern Skies Star Party was held on the shores of beautiful Lake Titicaca the week of June 4-11. One of the highlights of the adventure was the installation of a new StellarCat drive system on the Starmaster 22 inch dob and the imaging of the former planet Pluto.
Once again, StarGarden Foundation and the members of SSSP2005 brought boxes of schools supplies and astronomy related items for the children of the Lake area. Two new small middle schools located near the hotel received school supplies, as did the children on the new floating islands located just across the lake near Kalauta Island.
| It was learned during our stay that the main high school complex was in bad need of a new roof on all their structures. More than 40 years old, the tin roofs were leaking in 80% of all the classrooms. SSSP observers contributed more than $800 on the spot to buy new tin roofing and the nails to install it. Another generous donation followed the trip to complete the project. Please take a look at the slide shows (below) from the trip. Astronomer or adventurer, join us for a trip to Bolivia and a future SSSP!

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