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Our Home Away From Home - The Inca Utama Resort Complex

2010 Southern Skies Star Party
Inca Utama, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia -
Longitude: 68º 41’ W; Latitude: 16º 13’ S; Elevation: 12,300’

Facilities you will enjoy at our hotel:

The 4-Star Inca Utama Hotel & SPA Resort Complex: Modern, & clean, first-class staff and service includes transportation, porterage, hotel and wait-staff.

· 5-Star "Suma Untavi" restaurant on the water with candlelight dinners and authentic native folklore shows called "Peñas. Taste the titicaca trout/salmon from in-house breeding program.

· Modern comfortable rooms include private bath, elevator service and 220 electrical service.

· Cultural Complex hosts dozens of activities including museums and a working village of live native Aymara Indian cultural displays.

· Kallawayas Natural Spa. A different Spa with millenaries treatments for well being, stress and cosmetology.

All baggage and equipment is portered and handled with excruciating care. Once in Bolivia, you will not be required to lift, cart or carry your bags.  It is actually not recommended, for acclimation purposes to do any heavy lifting on arrival. Instead, your bags are tagged with room numbers (or directed to the observing site) and moved for you while you rest and explore the complex.

Full visit to the new "Andean Eco Village" (the authentic life styles of different ndean cultures) including: the artisans and fisherman villages, the Eco museum, thee ru-Chipayas mud igloos and floating islands (a culture dating back to the last glacier eriod), our llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and the endangered specie of the Suri, a sampleof the salt lake, etc Your visit includes: the CHULLPAS mortuary towers of several periods, the Limachi brothers and their new exclusive museum including all the reed rafts expeditions of our century, reed boat builders and a full size reproduction of the RA II used by Thor Heyerdhal in his epic expedition across the Atlantic. The Eco Museum shows the original home of our natives and a later improvement of their life style. A handicraft village where local artisans make the "Chicha" (local drink made out of corn), ceramics, "Abarcas" (native sandals made of old tires), the Melon Hats of the Indian women. You walk on an Inca trail to a stone village of local fishermen, the mud igloos & floating islands of the Urus Chipayas (a culture dating back to the last glacier period), as well as to the Takanas agricultural terraces and the famous Sukakollos (a man made micro climate system to optimize the harvests). You also see a sample of "Uyuni Salt Lake" and visualize the splendorof this huge sea of salt. A must for everybody.
Audiovisual and night visit to "The Mystic World of the Kallawayas". These natural medicine doctors of Bolivia are authorized by law to practice medicine as any other MD and they were using penicillin, teramycin and quinine many centuries ago. They believe that you have first to heal the soul in order to heal the body and our Kallawaya "Tata Lorenzo", will bless visitors and tell a few persons their future, by casting his sacred coca leaves.

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