2010 Tahiti and Tatakoto Eclipse Tour
3 day, 2 night segment on Tatakoto


Welcome to Tatakoto.
Tatakoto is one of the most isolated atolls of the Tuamotus. It is situated in the east of the archipelago, 1,182 km from Tahiti. This atoll is 14 km long and 3.5 km wide. It has one large island and 65 islets separated by numerous channels on the reef surrounding the lagoon. The islands are mostly located on its windward side (south). All the islands are flat, not much higher than the ocean level.

The main settlement is Tumukuru, and the total population was 255 in the 2002 census.
First spotted by Spaniards in 1744, it wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century that France established a colony and replanted the island with coconut palms, which still cover the island.

A quiet but modern little island, Tatakoto has many quaint, paved streets edged by little white fences. Islanders spend much of their time harvesting Copra from the coconuts, fishing in the surf and lagoon, weaving and crafting seashells into jewelry and crafts; as well as harvesting oysters and pearls from the lagoon. Only by an overnight camping expedition such as this can we explore this hidden treasure of the Pacific.

The church of Tatakoto proudly displays an impressive altar designed in local sources of mother-of-pearl. Edwin and Imelda will take some time with those who are interested to explain the fine art of seashell collecting.  Perhaps you may already be an amateur collector and want more information about how to identify, photograph or display your prized posessions.

Edwin, the avid angler will also be demonstrating surf-casting. The shallow lagoon waters are great snorkel locations, but the deep ocean water offers prime fishing opportunities.  

Those who have never been to a dark southern sky location will revel in the treasures of the Southern Summer Milky Way.  Tearing straight overhead, our galaxy is revealed to us in grand form. From our camping location, our dark skies afford us views of a lifetime of southern objects in an ideal environment.