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Sea Ice & Iceberg - by Jen Winter

Astronomical Tours proudly presents:

Eclipse Land Tour 2003 Antarctica
- Via Novo Airstrip Base-Camp -
Featuring Guest Host, David H. Levy

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Landing at Novo - by Jen Winter

9 Day Tour - 18 November - 26 November, 2003
Eclipse Day: 23 November, 2003
Observation Station, Novolazarevskaya Airstrip, Antarctica
Expedtion Cost: $13,490 USD per person from Cape Town

Travel to the White Continent by 6-hour flight from Cape Town on an expedition of a lifetime. Stand on the ice, see the icebergs, have your passport stamped and watch the eclipse in full comfort!

Enjoy 3 days touring CapeTown with its whales, penguins and glorious mountains. Then, join our experienced expedition staff aboard our passenger flight to our specially prepared Antarctic Eclipse Site. Complete with electrical power, heat and comfortable beds, you will find civilization at the Novo airstrip base camp a comfortable surprise.

Astronomical Tours recently visited Novo in Antarctica and has pre-selected the viewing site, organized every detail in advance on your behalf. With unusual eclipse geometry, we have performed dozens of calculations to assure a beautiful eclipse view from this location. This expedition shall be the most exciting and epic journey an astronomer could dream about.

"Antarctica was an unforgettable journey and humbleing experience as a human being. I will treasure having had the opportunity for the rest of my days."  Jen Winter - February, 2003

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Itinerary 9 days Nov 18-26 (Arrive Cape Town on 18Nov, depart Cape Town 26Nov)
Radio Broadcast Listen to David Levy's "Lets Talk Stars" radio interview with Vic & Jen on Antarctica Eclipse
Terms $13,490 per person - from Capetown. Discount air available from $1300
Penguin Pictures 'Jackass' Penguins at 'Boulders' in CapeTown
How cold is it? It won't be as cold as you think!  A packing list for Antarctica.
Base-Camp What will the accommodation be like in Antarctica?
Weather Novo and Maitri present the BEST WEATHER odds for success!
About your flight Details about how we will get to Antarctica
Barrier Flight The most awe-inspiring iceberg and glacial scienery of your lifetime.
Will I see Penguins? A discussion about wildlife in Droning Maud Land
Eclipse Location Our specially pre-selected eclipse observation spot
Marvelous Toys! How you will be getting around - Antarctic stlye!
David Levy Our special guest-host for this epic adventure
Novo Station More about the Novolazarevskaya Science Station
Scenic Maitri A walk through glaciers and lakes to the Indian Maitri Station
ALCI and CTC More about our South African and Antarctic hosts.
ALCI Rescues Ship Details about the ALCI rescue operation of trapped fishermen in 2002
World of Birds World-Class Aviary in Cape Town, World of Birds
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Click here to listen to Real Player broadcast of David Levy's "Let's Talk Stars" Radio interview about the Midnight Eclipse 2003