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Astronomical Tours has Chartered one of Air Tahiti Nui's A-340-300 long-haul aircraft for service on Eclipse Day to Easter Island from Papeete, Tahiti.

Air Tahiti Nui owns and operates five (5) of these aircraft for service to Tahiti from the US, Australia and New Zealand. The airbus seats up to 275 passengers, fully loaded. Because our agency holds full charter on this plane, we have full control over 100% of the seats and schedule of the plane within airline regulations and permissions by Tahiti and Easter Island authorities.  

The aircraft is scheduled to wait on the ground in Easter Island during our touring on Rapa Nui.

NOTE: This tour begins on Tahiti.
Airfare to join the tour in Tahiti is not included.

6 Each First Class Seats available
(Full lay-flat recline capacity)

23 Each Business Class Seats available
(Partial recline capacity)


245 Each
Class Seats

* A note about this charter.  As a successful and timely operation of this charter is necessary for all clients to witness the eclipse on Easter Island, and due to the remote nature of the travel destination concerning medical evacuation, Astronomical Tours requires that all passengers purchase travel insurance. In the event that circumstances out of our control such as weather, common carrier default or governmental conditions prevent the operation of this flight as scheduled, Astronomical Tours shall not be liable for refund of fare. Travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage will protect travelers in the event of such loss, in the same way which other airline flight cancellations and tour segments are covered. Astronomical Tours acts as an agent only and does not own or operate any aircraft.  Safe operation of the flight is under the control of the common carrier in accordance to international and US DOT regulation and therefore, laws and limits of liability are governed as such.  At the time of contract of this charter, Air Tahiti Nui representatives asserted that while in contact with governances at IPC airport, there exist no known prohibitions to the operation of the flight.