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This spectacular day will be an event to remember!  We watch the 4:37 eclipse in the land of the Moai of Easter Island, during our full day excursion to Easter Island.  Weather data suggets a 48-55% chance of clear skies on eclipse Day.

Our Viewing Site

Our Viewing site was selected specifically to offer viewing of the Maoi nearby during totality; to offer security and support for our group while viewing the eclipse; and to be on the western shore of the island.

Our tact to combat cloud statistics is to attempt to view the eclipse towards the northwest out to sea.  As the island causes clouds to form overhead, we wish to view in a direction away from the island and its clouds, rather than through the clouds which might form over the island.  Additionally, in our site inspection, we found that prevailing East-West winds are of rather good speed.  Several studies suggest that the clouds, should they be present on eclipse day, are unlikely to persist in obstruction of the sun throughout the entire time of totality. We do anticipate some clouds on eclipse day.  We anticipate those clouds to "sock in" and obstruct all of the eclipse durtation.  Visibility is expected to vary in location to location as close as a few meters apart.

UT time: Alt Az
Rise: 7/11 14:06:56 65.5
C1: 7/11 18:40:38.4 39.8 12.8
C2: 7/11 20:08:32.3 39.6 346.3
Max: 7/11 20:10:53.5 39.5 345.6
C3: 7/11 20:13:10.0 39.4 344.9
C4: 7/11 21:34:18.8 31.5 323.9
Set: 7/12 00:39:28 294.4
Local is UT-6
Local time: Alt
Rise: 7/11 08:06:56
C1: 7/11 12:40:38.4 39.8
C2: 7/11 14:08:32.3 39.6
Max: 7/11 14:10:53.5 39.5
C3: 7/11 14:13:10.0 39.4
C4: 7/11 15:34:18.8 31.5
Set: 7/11 118:39:28